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Methods - Biological

Processes that involve or impact living organisms, including plants and animals, their physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions, physiological mechanisms, development, and evolution.

Methods - Biological

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Patent Name Patent Number
Microparticle Generation System 10,933,390

Hydroxide Stabilization for controlling invasive species-

in a lock system

Variable Volume Flow Injection Nozzle 10,765,102

Compositions and methods comprising endophytic

bacterium for application


Microbially-mediated method for synthesis of metal

chalcogenide nanoparticles


Selectively Perceptible Wind Turbine System


Nozzle Mixing Apparatus 9,688,551

Methods of Using Curvularia Strains to Confer Stress Tolerance

and/or Growth Enhancement in Plants

Anaerobic Microbial Composition and Method of Using Same 8,105,808

Curvularia Strains and Their Use to Confer Stress Tolerance

and/or Growth Enhancement in Plants

Use of Endophytic Fungi to Treat Plants 7,232,565

Method and Apparatus for Control of Aquatic Vertebrate and

Invertebrate Invasive Species


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