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Barnegat Bay, NJ Estuarine Shorelines and Rates of Change

March 24, 2022

This collection contains estuarine shorelines and rates of change for Barnegat and Great Bay, New Jersey.

The data presented here include compiled vectorized marsh shorelines and transects with shoreline change rates for Barnegat Bay and Great Bay, New Jersey - Foreshore (1841-2012). Shoreline change, also called the linear regression rate (LRR; meters per year), is calculated using the slope of the linear trend between three or more shoreline positions over time. The digital vector shorelines were acquired from historical topographic sheets, aerial photography, or global positioning system (GPS) data. For more information on data interpretation and assessment see Plant and others (2017). Additional estuarine shoreline change information and data can be found on the USGS Estuarine Shoreline Change Research Project webpage.

For full shoreline change statistics, metadata, and to download the data, please refer to: Smith, K.E.L., Terrano, J.F., 2017, Shoreline change analysis of coastal and estuarine shorelines in Barnegat and Great Bays, NJ—1839 to 2012 (ver. 1.1, December 2017): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


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Screenshot of map showing Barnegat Bay, NJ estuarine shorelines and rates of change using colored transect lines
Screenshot from the U.S. Geological Survey geonarrative, showing Barnegat Bay, NJ estuarine shorelines and rates of change.