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Explore and Request Data from the BBL

September 27, 2022

Explore bird banders’ data and learn how many birds have been banded and encountered since 1960. Pre-1960 banding data are only available for birds that have been encountered after initial banding. Specific banding and encounter data are available upon request for research purposes.

  • Explore & Download Data: Discover banding and encounter data. These data are summarized by location, utilize our species banding count map for visualization. Banding counts are downloadable.

  • Banding & Encounter Summaries: Explore the total number of birds banded and encountered by bird species and group since 1960. These data are summarized by specific year and location.

  • Longevity Records: Discover the Bird Banding Lab’s longevity recorder holders for each bird species and bird species group. These record holders come from data collected across 100+ years. This list just shows record holders (which were verified by the lab) and does not provide a list of the oldest birds within in these species.