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Geonarrative: Coastal Resilience Initiative

December 22, 2021

About this tool

This tool is a data-driven, interactive narrative that provides information about the U.S. Geological Survey-led Coastal Resilience Initiative, which encompasses of a network of interdisciplinary scientists and diverse, State, local, and regional partnerships. This initiative represents a capacity for integrating multi-scale information from coastal-change and environmental mapping, modeling, and monitoring to provide the best available science to all stakeholders within the North Atlantic-Appalachian Region.

Navigating through the geonarrative allows the user to explore past and present coastal research and provides access to select coastal science tools that are available to partners at Federal, regional, State, and local levels, including real-time monitoring networks of tidal water elevation and quality data, high-resolution maps of coastal change following storm events, and forecasts of long-term sea-level rise.

The Coastal Resilience Initiative addresses coastal issues and coastal science throughout the North Atlantic-Appalachian region.
The Coastal Resilience Initiative provides critical data, knowledge, and informed management solutions to coastal communities throughout the North Atlantic-Appalachian Region.