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USGS Wildfire Hazard and Risk Assessment Clearinghouse

February 3, 2023


This online tool was designed to help identify which wildfire hazard and risk assessments are available across the United States. It provides information about available risk assessments and links to assessment data when publicly available.  


Bipartisan Infrastructure Law directive

The Clearinghouse of Fire Risk and Hazard Assessments was created by the DOI Office of Wildland Fire and USGS to meet requirements of the Monitoring, Maintenance and Treatment Plan under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). It provides a single clearinghouse of national and key regional wildfire risk and fire hazard assessments useful for understanding different characterizations of fire risk and communicating contributions toward risk reduction of treatments funded by DOI under BIL. For each assessment, the clearinghouse provides an analysis of the values at risk, metadata, and assumptions used to assign priorities. The aggregated data will be used to communicate priorities of treatment application to DOI landscapes. This clearinghouse recognizes no assessment perfectly represents all lands, as values at risk and choice of methodology creates variation in the ranked priorities. In the near term, this variation creates an opportunity to present a multi-perspective view of treatment priorities at the Bureau or Departmental level. Longer term, this clearinghouse will provide an evaluation of each approach and perform a gap analysis on values at risk, contributing towards new approaches needed to account for treatment priorities across the diversity of DOI lands.  



Brenna Challis helped compile and organize the assessments and information in the clearinghouse.