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Date published: April 16, 1993

Volcano Watch — More lava flowing than scientists thought

The 10-year-long eruption on Kīlauea's East Rift Zone continued this past week. Lava is erupting from the episode 51 and 53 vents on the southwest side of the Pu`u `O`o cone, but is being carried towards the coast entirely within underground lava tubes as far as the top of the pali. 

Date published: April 9, 1993

Volcano Watch — Lava taking Hawaiian village, nearing arch

The eruption near Pu`u `O`o on Kīlauea's East Rift Zone continues, with lava entering the ocean both east and west of Kamoamoa and at Lae`apuki.

Date published: April 2, 1993

Volcano Watch — April has been the month for serious tsunami activiy in Hilo and the Hawaiian Islands

In historical times, two tsunamis occurred during the first week of April. The first of these occurred on April 2, 1868; it resulted from the great earthquake that took place that day near Pahala.

Date published: March 26, 1993

Volcano Watch — Active flows entering ocean near Kamoamoa

Lava continues to flow from two active vents on the south and southwest flanks of the Pu`u `O`o cinder cone on Kīlauea's East Rift Zone. These vents have been simultaneously active since the eruption restarted on February 20, following a 10-day period of repose and a four-day-long period, when only the episode 51 ventwas active. 

Date published: March 19, 1993

Volcano Watch — 25 years since last Mauna Loa eruption

This Thursday marks the ninth anniversary of the beginning of the last eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano, following a nine-year period of quiescence.

Date published: March 12, 1993

Volcano Watch — Kīlauea eruption continues with little change

The eruption on Kīlauea's East Rift Zone continues, with little change from last week. Lava from the episode 51 and 53 vents, both located on the southwest flank of the Pu`u `O`o cone, flowed through lava tubes to the coast.

Date published: March 5, 1993

Volcano Watch — Lava flows from two Pu‘u ‘O‘o vents

The eruption on Kīlauea's East Rift Zone continued through the week. Two vents were active, both located on the flanks of the 770-foot-high Pu`u `O`o cone.

Date published: February 26, 1993

Volcano Watch — Ten-year-long eruption resumes after short lull

The 10-year-long eruption at Kīlauea Volcano started up again during the morning of February 16, after a period of inactivity lasting about 10 days. The eruption began at the episode 51 vents on the west flank of Pu`u `O`o, with only small volumes of pasty lava flowing through the pre-existing tubes. 

Date published: February 21, 1993

Volcano Watch — Pu`u `O`o eruption is volcano's 50th episode

On Monday, Feb. 17, at about 7:30 p.m., lava began erupting from a fissure on the southwest flank of Pu`u `O`o.

Date published: February 19, 1993

Volcano Watch — Steamer passenger recorded unusual eruption

In February 1877, an unusual eruption occurred on Mauna Loa Volcano. Part of the eruption was submarine, and the eruptive fissure was neither at the summit nor along one of Mauna Loa's well-defined rift zones. 

Date published: February 12, 1993

Volcano Watch — Volcano rattles at 400 quakes an hour

An intense earthquake swarm occurred beneath the upper to middle East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Volcano starting at 11:36 p.m. on Sunday, February 7. At the peak of activity, the seismic network operated by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory was recording nearly 400 earthquakes per hour.

Date published: February 5, 1993

Volcano Watch — Recent earthquake activity recalls Kapoho eruption

Earthquake activity this past week was considerably reduced from the high levels recorded the previous week. Three earthquakes occurred that had magnitudes greater than 3.0. The first, a magnitude 3.4, occurred on February 2 at 1:24 p.m. beneath the south flank of Kīlauea Volcano.