USGS Ethics Team

USGS Ethics Team

The USGS Ethics Team enhances the ethical culture at the USGS and the integrity of its programs by providing guidance, information and training to USGS employees and volunteers. Our work helps to ensure compliance with ethics statutes, regulations, and DOI and USGS policies. We also monitor the financial interests and outside activities of USGS employees to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

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USGS Ethics Team Members. (Public domain.)


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USGS Ethics Team

Departmental Ethics Office
Phone: 703-648-7439

Nancy Baumgartner

USGS Deputy Ethics Counselor
U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI)
Phone: 703-648-7474

Elizabeth Dalton Baca

Associate Ethics Counselor
National Center - Room 5B312
Phone: 703-648-7422

Shannon Monk

Associate Ethics Counselor
National Center - Room 5B320
Phone: 703-648-6628

Heather Bupp

Associate Ethics Counselor
National Center - Room 5B314
Phone: 703-648-6635

Tim Donahue

Ethics Program Specialist
UMESC – Room C-219
Phone: 608-781-6206

Desaya Thorn

Ethics Program Specialist
National Center -Room 5B322
Phone: 703-648-7436

Christopher Medici

Ethics Program Specialist
Ethics Program
Phone: 703-648-7432