Survey Manual

220.7 - Federal Register Documents


OPR: Office of Administrative Policy and Services

1. Authority. The authority for the issuance of this chapter is Executive Order 12291, "Federal Regulation," February 17, 1981.

2. General Provisions on Redelegations.

A. Notices. Associate Directors, Regional Directors, and the Office Chiefs reporting to the Director/Deputy Director may publish notices pertaining to their responsibilities and functions in the Federal Register.

B. Proposed and Final Rules. Issuance of proposed or final rules for codification in the Code of Federal Regulations is reserved for Secretarial signature.

C. Federal Register Liaison. The USGS Federal Register Liaison Officer has responsibility for:

(1) Reviewing all Federal Register documents (notices, proposed regulations and final regulations) prior to signature.

(2) Providing advice and technical assistance for preparation and clearance of Federal Register documents.

3. Procedures. For guidance on preparing material for publication in the Federal Register, see SM 431.8