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Survey Manual handbooks establish detailed procedures that supplement policy in Survey Manual chapters.

Privacy Act Records Handbook, SM 319.1 -- Contact the Privacy Office

Temporary Duty Travel Handbook, SM 340.1 -- Contact the Office of Accounting and Financial Management, Travel Management Section

Merit Promotion Handbook370-335-H

Directives Management Handbook, SM-H 431.5  

Managing USGS Records Handbook, SM 432.1, Contact OACIO, Records Management Branch

Occupational Safety and Health Program Requirements Handbook, 445-2-H 

Safety and Health for Field Operations Handbook, 445-3-H 

Grants (Funds-in) - Application and Acceptance, SM-H 500.18

Technology Transfer Handbook, 500-20-H

Volunteer for Science Handbook, 500-23-H

Environmental Management and Compliance Requirements Handbook, 515-1-H

Environmental Audit Handbook, 515-2-H

Environmental Management System Handbook, 515-4-H

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Handbook, SM 516.1, Contact the Office of Management Services