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Records Disposition Schedules

As U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) records disposition schedules are created or revised by the USGS Records Officer, they are included as part of USGS policy in the Survey Manual (SM) (see SM Chapters 431.1, Records Management Roles and Responsibilities and 431.6, Records Disposition).

As required by law, the records of the USGS may not be destroyed without the prior approval of from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) through these records schedules. This approval authority is provided in the form of USGS Records Disposition Schedules or Departmental Records Schedules that originate with the USGS Records Officer in collaboration with the programs who create and maintain the records. These records schedules list of the USGS or DOI and prescribe the periods of authorized retention. All USGS employees, contractors, emeritus, and volunteers are responsible for ensuring that records disposal actions are in accordance with these schedules. Proper implementation of these records disposition schedules involves carefully applying their provisions to both permanent and temporary records. The final objective of these records dispositions schedules are to ensure authorized, appropriate, uniform, and timely disposition of USGS records. As described in the records schedules, permanent records must be transferred legally and physically to NARA through the USGS Records Officer. For questions or issues or to address unscheduled records, contact the USGS Records Officer.

Please find the current records disposition schedules listed below: