GLSC Best paper of 2017 Awarded to Yu-Chun Kao et al.

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2018 GLSC Moffett Award goes to Dr. Yu-Chun Kao et al. for best GLSC paper in 2017.

Moffett Award Presented to Yu-Chun Kao

GLSC Director Russ Strach presents the 2018 GLSC Moffett Award to lead author Yu-Chun Kao for his 2017 paper, Evaluating Stocking Efficacy in an Ecosystem Undergoing Oligotrophication, with GLSC coauthors Mark Rogers and David “Bo” Bunnell.

(Public domain.)

The James W. Moffett Award was established in 1968 by GLSC to recognize the best scientific publication authored by GLSC personnel during each calendar year. The award selection criteria are: compelling concept behind the research, originality, study design and execution, effectiveness and completeness of data analysis, clarity of presentation, anticipated impact to scientific discipline, and anticipated impact to management. Review teams representing each GLSC station or section reviewed all GLSC-authored papers from 2017.

The winning publication selected for the 2017 Moffett Award is:

Kao, Yu-Chun, Mark W. Rogers, and David B. Bunnell. Evaluating Stocking Efficacy in an Ecosystem Undergoing Oligotrophication. Ecosystems. 2017. Springer. (link)


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