Guest editors from USGS EROS contribute to Journal of Remote Sensing

Release Date:

Manuscripts for a special issue of Remote Sensing  through MPDI titled "Cross-Calibration and Interoperability of Remote Sensing Instruments" are being accepted until July 31, 2020.

Increasing numbers of government and commercial Earth observation science data gives end users more variety than previously imagined. Using these data effectively from various sources requires understanding their capabilities, characteristics, and operational performance, as well as the quality of the data they produce.  The characterization of performance over time of individual sensors and understanding the interoperability between similar sensors is also paramount for effective use of remote sensing data.

This Remote Sensing Special Issue presents explanations of the radiometric, geometric, and spatial characteristics for both large and small satellite sensors that work in the optical realm with high to medium spatial resolution. The provisional investigation and study of the remotely sensed data and products will provide a degree of the data quality and awareness to Earth scientists, researchers, and other end users.

For this Special Issue, we would like to encourage papers on the following topics:

  • Design and pre-launch calibration of sensors
  • In-orbit calibration and characterization of satellite-borne optical sensors
  • Cross-calibration of sensors
  • Evaluation and cross-comparison of the geometric, radiometric, and spatial performance of sensors
  • Validation of higher-level data products, such as surface reflectance or surface temperature products
  • Methodologies and reference datasets employed to improve the geometric and radiometric accuracy of products
  • Interoperability of data products from multiple sensors from a single constellation or across missions
  • Sensor and mission design trade-offs for applications using multiple sensors (for example: temporal resolution vs spatial resolution, radiometric accuracy vs. spectral coverage)

For manuscript submission information, visit this MDPI Open Access Journals page. 

Guest editors for this special edition are:

Dr. Rajagopalan Rengarajan
Dr. Ajit Sampath
Mr. Greg Stensaas