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Requirements Capabilities & Analysis for Earth Observations

The USGS National Land Imaging Program evaluates satellite capabilities to determine effective solutions for addressing civil agency and societal challenges, allowing land managers and policymakers to make informed decisions about natural resources and the environment. A user-centered, solution-driven approach creates a robust suite of innovative earth observation technology, data, and services.

Meetings and Workshops


Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) Workshops

Annual JACIE Workshops are sponsored by government agencies and allow remote sensing experts to discuss system capabilities, calibration, and the impacts of data quality on various applications. The JACIE 2024 Workshop was held on March 11-14, 2024 at the USGS Headquarters in Reston, Virginia. 

The JACIE 2025 Workshop will be held April 7 - 11, 2025. 


High Resolution Orthoimagery Hoover Dam 2006


Imagery Quality Assessment

We assess the quality of commercial high-resolution satellite imagery and provide the results in a series of system characterization reports. 

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Landsat Dynamic Surface Water Extent Example


Explore Landsat Science Products 

Landsat science products provide analysis ready data, including surface reflectance, surface temperature, aquatic reflectance, dynamic surface water extent, fractional snow covered area, burned area, and provisional actual evapotranspiration. 

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Landsat 9 Image of Shiveluch Volcano April 15, 2023


Look for Data 

Landsat and other land imaging products are available from multiple data portals, including EarthExplorer, commercial cloud access, and the EROS Science Processing Architecture On Demand Interface (ESPA), which supports higher-level data processing requests. 

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USGS-hosted JACIE Workshop Reflects Industry’s Growth

USGS-hosted JACIE Workshop Reflects Industry’s Growth

2024 William T. Pecora Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

2024 William T. Pecora Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

GOES-16 ABI Added to Land Product Characterization System

GOES-16 ABI Added to Land Product Characterization System


System characterization report on the Gaofen-6

Executive SummaryGaofen-6 represents a series of Chinese high-resolution Earth observation satellites. More than 12 satellites have been launched in the Gaofen series, beginning with Gaofen-1 in 2013. Satellites within the series have varying infrared, radar, and optical imaging capabilities. The primary goal for the satellites in this series is to provide near real-time observations for climate c
Aparajithan Sampath, Jon Christopherson, Seonkyung Park, Minsu Kim, Gregory L. Stensaas, Cody Anderson

Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) best practices for remote sensing system evaluation and reporting

Executive SummaryThe Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) partnership consists of six agencies representing the U.S. Government’s commitment to promoting the use of high-quality remotely sensed data to meet scientific and other Federal needs. These agencies are large consumers of remotely sensed data and bring extensive experience in the assessment and use of these data. The six agen
Simon J. Cantrell, Jon B. Christopherson

2022 Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation—Remote sensing satellite compendium

The Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) is a collaboration between six Federal agencies that are major users and producers of satellite land remote sensing data. In recent years, the JACIE group has observed ever-increasing numbers of remote sensing satellites being launched. This rapidly growing wave of new systems creates a need for a single reference for land remote sensing satel

Shankar N. Ramaseri Chandra, Jon B. Christopherson, Kimberly A. Casey, Jane Lawson, Aparajithan Sampath