International Gas Hydrate Workshop held in Tromso, Norway

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The 2019 Sedimentary Gas Hydrate Workshop held in Tromso, Norway brought together early-career researchers and international experts including  Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center Research Geophysicist, Bill Waite, who has spent his career being thrilled, confused, inspired, and exasperated by gas hydrates, gave several lectures on finding, sizing, and harvesting methane.

The workshop was hosted by the Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics Research School (AMGG), Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrates (CAGE),  Arctic University of Norway (UiT),  Petroleum Research School of Norway (NFiP) and University of Bergen (UiB). 

The USGS, particularly Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center staff, has a long running relationship with the Center for Arctic Gas Hydrates (CAGE).  Carolyn Ruppel, Research Geophysicist, leads the USGS Gas Hydrates Project and is a member of CAGE's Scientific Advisory Board, providing advice on strategic scientific issues.  

Image of William Waite leading a workshop session on gas hydrates

Dr. Bill Waite, international expert on gas hydrates.

(Credit: Jessica Green, Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrates.)


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