Scientist to Discuss Exchange of Groundwater and Upper Klamath Lake

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Hydrologist Nicholas Corson-Dosch will be talking May 2nd at the Klamath Basin Monitoring Program meeting at the Karuk Community Center in Yreka, CA. The title of the talk is "Vertical Hydraulic Gradient at the Sediment-Water Interface in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon, 2017."

The USGS has worked hard to understand the waters of Upper Klamath Lake. However, even with years of research in the lake, relatively little is known about where and when groundwater flows into the lake and how it interacts with lake water. To explore this exchange, the USGS deployed ten pairs of piezometers and stilling wells in the lake between May and October 2017 to continuously measure shallow groundwater and lake levels. These measurements are used to determine the hydraulic gradient at each location and to assess patterns in groundwater exchange at the sediment-water interface.

The presentation will provide status and updates about the research.

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In 1992, the USGS began studying possible causes for the change in trophic status of Upper Klamath Lake. Since then research has expanded to include groundwater, geomorphology, streamflow forecasting, and fish ecology.