Welcome to Our New Website

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Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, we have a new website!! Explore.


As you may have noticed, we have migrated our old USGS Oregon Water Science Center website into a new framework that better aligns with our national USGS mission. Boy oh boy do things look considerably different, right? Worry not, how you search for projects, research, contacts will be a completely simpler and better user experience. Besides the obvious cosmetic overhaul and new look of the website, the underlying architecture and functionality is considerably different.

What are some of the new features? There are many, but the most important include:

  1. Search engine optimization. Rather than navigate our website by clicking link after link, simply type your inquiry into the search bar. And voila...your answers should be provided for you (hopefully). Whether you are looking for a person, project, or publication, all the varied components of our science are tagged and available to the search engine. You'll never need to navigate the site the old way again.
  2. Mobile compatibility. Unlike our previous website, our new one is fully mobile compatible. If you’re viewing this on your phone or tablet it should be a clean user experience. If you are at your desk viewing content on your screen, you should have a similar smooth experience. There should be no more concerns about what browser you are using either. So however you view, your viewing experience should be greatly improved.
  3. Better accessibility. Yes, science is science. But guess what? People do the science. We value the effort our scientists, technicians, specialists, and support staff provide. As such, we now have better accessibility to find and talk with the people who can answer whatever question you may have. If you don’t care who you talk with, we also have social media platforms where you can direct your conversation.

There are plenty of other changes under the hood of the new website, but generally, your experience viewing our site should be good. What do you think? Did we hit the mark?

Thanks for visiting us here at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center.

Do you still need help? Let me know.

-Steven Sobieszczyk