Steven Sobieszczyk

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Steven Sobieszczyk is an scientist and spokesperson. He has degrees in landslide engineering geology and geographic information systems (GIS). ​Coming out of school, and after a brief stint with NASA, Steven moved out west to model landslide hazards in northern California. He eventually settled in Oregon in 2002 and has been studying watersheds in Oregon ever since. Steven is interested in landslide hazards, flooding, water quality, and stream ecosystems and has published numerous scientific reports, journal articles, and data sets on these topics. He is also heavily involved in science communication and has contributed to blogs, websites, podcasts, and videos promoting scientific literacy. Steven has spent significant time speaking with different audiences, including appointments with the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Department of Interior, and USGS Office of Communications as public information officer and public affairs specialist.


  • Rainfall triggering thresholds for landslides in Pacific Northwest
  • DOI Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team
  • Ecosystem stressors in the Tualatin River Basin


  • Community engagement
  • Web development
  • Video production