WGSC Researcher Invited to Lecture at Newly-Formed Aravaipa Watershed Conservation Alliance Meeting

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The Aravaipa Canyon Preserve of The Nature Conservancy will host Dr. Laura Norman, a Research Physical Scientist with the Western Geographic Science Center to speak  to the newly-formed Aravaipa Watershed Conservation Alliance (AWCA) in Klondyke, Ariz,. at the old schoolhouse. 

The goal of the AWCA is to preserve and sustain the Aravaipa Valley's natural landscapes by means of watershed and rangeland restoration by creating a renewed environment that supports wildlife, community education, and a holistic agricultural environment, all while limiting fragmented lands to promote a complete and functioning landscape for current and future generations. In her talk, Dr. Norman will present how watershed models simulate surface water runoff and infiltration under various climate and land-use change conditions to demonstrate how people can impact their water future.