Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center staff teach the teachers

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 Meagan Gonneea, Neil Ganju, and Matt Arsenaualt, Woods Hole Costal and Marine Science Center staff offered presentations and handouts on Natural Hazards: Coastal Hazards in Wetlands and Estuaries to participants at the  Smithsonian Science Education Academies for Teachers (SSEATs. )

Teachers from around the country venture to Washington, DC, for a weeklong course going behind the scenes at the Smithsonian’s museums and world-class research facilities. The academies combine training in science pedagogy with content presented by scientists and researchers who are experts in their fields. Recent Academy topics include Biodiversity, Energy’s Innovations and Implications, and Earth’s History and Global Change.

Photograph of Meagan Gonneea at SSEAT

Meagan Gonneea

Photograph of Neil Ganju presenting at SSEAT

Neil Ganju