Webinar: From Icefield to Ocean: Impacts of Glacier Change in Alaska

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Check out this webinar to learn more about glacial loss in the Gulf of Alaska.

Date Recorded

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Mountains ringing the Gulf of Alaska host large maritime glaciers that are experiencing some of the highest rates of volume loss on Earth.  These rapidly changing glaciers demonstrate tight physical and ecological linkages with downstream ecosystems that bridge the icefield-to-ocean continuum. This talk will highlight recent efforts of an Alaska Climate Science Center supported research project to better understand these linkages, including how glaciers influence hydrology and oceanography as well as the biogeochemistry and ecology of freshwater and near-shore marine ecosystems that receive glacial runoff.  We will also discuss a framework for developing an interdisciplinary research program related to glacier change that will inform future management efforts in the diverse and productive coastal ecosystems along the Gulf of Alaska.


Transcript -- O'Neel/Hood 4.25.13

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