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The USGS offers a variety of ways to interact with us and our science.  Come explore the following information about doing business with us, partnering with our science programs, and being part of the USGS workforce.

Internships and student employment

The CM WSC offers diverse employment opportunities for students in biology, hydrology, computer science, geographic information systems, geology, administration, and many other fields. Students work in a variety of field and office tasks depending on their skils, education, and goals.

Resumes can be sent to: 

Central Midwest Water Science Center, Director
1400 Independence Rd, MS-100
Rolla, MO, 65401


There are many ways to volunteer with the USGS.  The website is a good starting point for volunteer positions with the United States federal government. However, many USGS volunteer positions are not formally announced, so they do not appear on that site. If you don't have a personal contact with the CM WSC staff; Connect with a Section Chief or the Assistant Director about your interests.

Another way to get involved in USGS science is through one of our Citizen Science programs or partnerships.

You can also check the FAQ.


All of our employment opportunities, except for student jobs, are posted at USAJOBS. You can set up searches and notifications. Make sure to set up your resume in USAJOBS in advance of applying if you are interested in USGS employment.

Current USGS employment available for Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri can be viewed through this link.


Business Opportunities: The USGS is interested in forming cooperative partnerships with organizations from all levels of government and industry. The following links provide information about doing business and partnering with USGS.

Cooperative Agreements: The USGS works with many other Federal agencies and the private sector to accomplish its science mission through formal memorandums of understanding and memorandums of agreement.
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