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The Central Midwest Water Science Water Center (CMWSC) has offices located in Illinois, Iowa,  and Missouri.  Our staff consists of scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to collecting high-quality hydrologic data and conducting scientific research on  the quantity, quality, and use of our water resources. 


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technician Richard G (Rich) Akins 573-308-3963
Hydrologic Technician Corey Alden 505-830-7927
Budget Analyst Alex D Arduser 319-358-3656
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Daniel J Armstrong 816-554-3489
Ext: 204
Administrative Officer Julie Ann Asher 573-308-3558
Hydrologist Clinton R Bailey 815-761-3111
Deputy Director for Networks C. Shane Barks 573-308-3674
Hydrologist Kymm (Kimberlee) K Barnes 319-358-3618
Hydrologist Miya N Barr 816-554-3489
Ext: 218
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Ryan E Beaulin 217-328-9704
Center Director Amy M Beussink 713-560-9899
Hydrologic Technician Kelly R Brady 573-308-3668
Hydrologist Tyler J Burk 573-567-7077
Hydrologic Technician Larry D Buschmann 573-308-3683
Hydrologic Technician James F Cerveny 319-358-3635
Supervisory Hydrologist, Science Coordinator Daniel E. Christiansen 319-358-3639
Physical Scientist Charles V Cigrand 319-358-3617
Hydrologist Roger (Duanne) D Claybrooke 217-328-9725
Hydrologist Marian M Domanski 217-328-9758
Hydrologist James J Duncker 217-328-9710
Supervisory Hydrologist David H Dupre 217-328-9711
Geographer - Water Quality and Environmental Health David J Fazio 217-328-9712
Hydrologist Jessica D Garrett 319-358-3625
Hydrologist Lance R Gruhn 319-358-3631
Hydrologist David C Heimann 816-554-3489
Ext: 206
Hydrologist Richard J Huizinga 573-308-3570
Hydrologist Patrick (Ryan) Jackson, Ph.D. 217-328-9719
Supervisory Hydrologist Gary P Johnson 217-328-9720
Hydrologist Kevin K Johnson 217-328-9737
Hydrologist Stephen Kalkhoff 319-358-3611
Hydrologic Technician Emmalei T King 515-576-4571
Research Hydrologist Dana W Kolpin 319-358-3614
Hydrologist Heather M Krempa 816-554-3489
Ext: 203
Supervisory Hydrologist Jonathan D Lageman 815-752-2035
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Trent A Legg 618-242-4495
Supervisory Info Tech Specialist Brian Lehan Mackin 319-358-3641
Hydrologist Jessica Z LeRoy, Ph.D. 217-328-9765
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Adam E Manaster 217-328-9707
Physical Scientist Kendra M Markland (319) 389-5699
Supervisory Biologist Jason C McVay 319-358-3636
Physical Scientist Shannon M Meppelink 319-358-3659
Management Analyst Samantha J Murphy 217-328-9701
Hydrologist Jennifer Murphy 815-756-9207
Deputy Director for Operations Jon Nania 319-358-3655
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Julie A Nason 319-358-3602
Hydrologist Kevin A Oberg 217-328-9739
Info Tech Specialist (System Administrator) Tara L Ornsbey 573-308-3555
Hydrologist Terry W Ortel 217-328-9756
Research Hydrologist Thomas Over 217-328-9757
Contractor-Administrative Operations Assistant Sheryl M Parker -- --
Physical Scientist Colin Peake 217-328-9729
IT Specialist (Sys Admin) Owen Peoples 217-328-9737
Hydrologic Technician Eric J Reiss 314-567-5440
Ext: 204
Hydrologist Joseph M Richards 573-308-3568
Physical Scientist Benjamin C Rivers 573-308-3684
Supervisory Hydrologist Amy M Russell 217-328-9773
Supervisory Hydrologist Paul H Rydlund, Jr. 573-308-3572
Supervisory Hydrologist John G Schumacher 573-308-3678
Geographer Jennifer B Sharpe 217-328-9731
Research Hydrologist David Soong 217-328-9717
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Eric Scott Southern 573-308-3767
Supervisory Hydrologist Timothy D Straub 217-328-9735
Physical Scientist Katherine (Katie) Summers 573-308-3552
Hydrologist Paul J Terrio -- --
Supervisory Hydrologist Judith C Thomas 815-752-2050
Hydrologic Technician Scott A Thul 515-576-4571
Deputy Director for Science Kelly L Warner 217-328-9727
Hydrologist Jared R Weber 815-756-9207
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Matthew E Williams 573-308-3952
Hydrologist Gary L Wilson 573-308-3718