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Pembina River at Neche, North Dakota

05100000 Pembina River at Neche, North Dakota - More than 110 years of data
Pembina River at Neche, November 2, 2010
Bridge board and current meter being used to measure streamflow on Pembina River at Neche, ND, November 2, 2010.


1903 Streamgage established by F.E. Weymouth and E.F. Chandler.

  • April 29–First discharge measurement made by Weymouth.

1915 Streamgage discontinued.

1919 Streamgage reestablished.

1938 August 3–First recorded daily no flow. For the next 976 days (through April 6, 1941) no daily flow occurred on 789 days, or 81% of the time.

1939 Continuous water level recorder installed.

1950 April 20–First major recorded flood, Peak flow of 10,800 cubic feet per second (cfs).

Early versions of streamflow measuring equipment
Early versions of streamflow measuring equipment used at this streamgage.(Water-Supply Paper No. 64 Pl.1 Pg. 20A)

1997 April 21–Highest water level recorded (24.51 feet (ft)). 

1998 Real-time data capability started.

1999 Streamgage relocated to Highway 18 bridge.

2003 Gage in operation for 100 years.

2009 April 20–Highest daily flow recorded to date of 16,900 cfs.

2011 The highest peak stage for this year was 21.78 feet on April 11. The highest discharge for this year was 15,300 cubic feet per second on April 19.



The Pembina River at Neche, ND streamgage was established on May 18, 1903 by F. E. Weymouth and E. F. Chandler. It was first established on the upstream side of the Great Northern Railroad bridge and was in operation until 1932. In 1939, a recording streamgage was established. Recording gages were in operation until 1999 when a constructed diversion channel forced the relocation of the streamgage to its present location on the Highway 18 bridge north of Neche, ND. Frequent flooding has been an issue for the Pembina River at Neche, ND mostly notably flooding in the years of 1950, 1974, 1979, 1997, 2006, and 2009. Today, this stream gage data is an essential component of flood protection for the City of Neche, ND. Data from this streamgage may be obtained from the USGS Water Data for the Nation.

high water mark
  USGS personnel points to high water mark left by first major recorded flood (April 1950). Photo taken June 6, 1950.
Taking water measurements
Taking water measurements, April 15, 2009.