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The Dakota Water Science Center has offices located across North and South Dakota including Bismarck and Grand Forks in North Dakota and Huron, Pierre, and Rapid City in South Dakota.  Our staff have experience in all areas of surface-water and groundwater hydrology including water quality, water availability, water use, and modeling.  Please contact any of our staff with your questions or needs.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydraulic Technician Kevin K Baker 701-250-7416
Hydrologic Technician Jeffery Bales 605-394-3229
Hydrologist David Bender 605-394-3248
Hydrologic Technician Mark Brazones 605-352-4241
Hydrologic Technician Christopher S Broz 701-775-7221
Bureau Approving Official, Biologist Janet M Carter 605-394-3215
Administrative Officer Travis Owen Culp, MA Leadership toculp@usgs.g 605-394-3218
Hydrologic Technician William Damschen 701-250-7430
Hydrologic Technician Sarah Jeanne Davis 605-394-3238
Deputy Director for Science Gregory C. Delzer, Ph.D. 605-394-3230
Hydro Tech Chris Dockter 605-224-8440
Hydrologic Technician Kammy Durham 605-394-3228
Hydrologist Bill Eldridge 605-394-3267
Section Chief Joel M Galloway 701-250-7402
Supervisory Hydrologist Brent R Hanson 701-250-7421
Computer Assistant Kelly Korkow 605-352-4241
Hydrologic Technician Louis Daniel Leader Charge 605-394-3226
Hydro Tech (Info Mgmt) Lorraine LeBlanc 701-775-7221
IT Specialist Joshua Lee 605-394-3261
Hydrologist Robert F Lundgren 701-250-7417
Program Analyst Misty L Mandas 605-394-3246
Hydrotech Ernest W McCoy 701-775-7221
Hydrologic Technician Tyler Meyer 605-352-4241
Hydrologic Technician Andrew Nelson 701-250-7432
Hydrologist Rochelle A Nustad 701-775-7221
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Joel Petersen 605-394-3217
Hydrologic Technician Jesse V Rigge 605-352-4241
Research Statistician Karen R Ryberg, Ph.D. 701-250-7422
Hydrologic Technician Zac Sandness 701-250-7431
Hydrologist Tara Sether 701-250-7413
Hydrologic Technician Nathan Stroh 701-250-7409
Hydrologist Daniel C Thomas 701-775-7221
Hydrologist Ryan F Thompson 605-352-4241
Hydro-Technician Harper Wavra 701-250-7407