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Below is a project staff list containing the current staff members of the Utilization of Carbon and other Energy Gases - Geologic Research and Assessments project.

Anderson, Steve Research Economist
Blondes, Madalyn Research Geologist
Brennan, Sean Research Geologist
Buursink, Marc Research Geologist
Cahan, Steve Cartographer
Croke, Mary Spatial Analysis Technician (Contractor)
DeVera, Christina Physical Scientist
Doolan, Colin Research Geologist
East, Joseph Geologist
Freeman, Philip Operations Research Analyst
Karacan, Özgen Research Petroleum Engineer
Kaven, Ole Research Geophysicist
Lohr, Celeste Physical Scientist
Merrill, Matt Research Geologist
Olea, Ricardo Mathematical Statistician
Plampin, Michael Research Hydrologist
Rivera, Jennifer Physical Scientist
Shelton, Jenna Research Hydrologist
Slucher, Ernie Research Geologist
Varela, Brian I.T. Specialist
Warwick, Peter Research Geologist/Project Chief