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Landsat Science Teams consist of USGS and NASA scientists and engineers, external scientists, engineers, and application specialists, representing industry and university research initiatives. Members contribute technical and scientific input to ensure success and provide science support on issues including data acquisition, product access and format, and science and applications opportunities.  

Landsat Science Team members provide perspectives on topics that are important within the user community, including the following topics: 

Data Characterization

  • Assessment of radiometric and geometric characteristics and performance of new remote sensing instruments
  • Cross-comparisons of Landsat and other remote sensing instruments
  • Methods and techniques for the merging and integration of Landsat data with measurements collected by other land imaging satellite instruments

Landsat Science Data Products

  • Requirements, strategies, algorithms and approaches for developing Landsat Science products
  • Defining new innovative Landsat standard and derived products

Data Applications

  • Advanced methods or strategies for multi-decadal and large-area land change assessments
  • New applications and research capabilities resulting from the Landsat free data policy
  • Value of Landsat for addressing societal issues

The USGS and NASA co-chair each team. 

To learn more about the Landsat Science Team, visit their page at Landsat Missions.

2018-2023 USGS / NASA Landsat Science Team

The USGS / NASA 2018-2023 Landsat Science Team.