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February 28, 2023

Great Lakes Science Center scientists present at annual regional conference in Kansas.

Scientists from GLSC presented at the annual Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference held in Overland Park, Kansas, February 12-14, 2023. The conference attracts up to 1,000 biologists and students from state, federal, and tribal natural resources agencies and universities from the Midwest, Great Plains, and Canadian provinces for the purposes of sharing technical presentations, poster displays, plenary sessions, and networking opportunities for natural resources professionals. Attendees include professionals in the field of fisheries and wildlife including directors, assistant directors, program managers, wildlife and fisheries biologists, and college students. GLSC presentations included the following. 

  • Angelosanto, M., E. Roseman, R. DeBruyne, S. Ireland, N. Hudak, E. Eberly, L. Eaton, S. Provo, D. Bowser, H. VanScoyoc, and N. McGuan. 2023. Multiyear Assessment of Constructed Reef Efficacy Through Lithophilic-Spawning Fish Egg Deposition in the St. Clair-Detroit River System. Oral presentation. 
  • Blower, S., R.L. DeBruyne, D. Bowser, M. Angelosanto, N. Hudak, N. McGuan, E. Eberly, S. Provo, H. VanScoyoc, J. Fisher, J. Chiotti, F. Zomer, and E.F. Roseman. 2023. Lake Sturgeon Early Life History Sampling in the St. Marys River, MI. Poster. 
  • Debruyne, R., S. Provo, S. Ireland, N. Hudak, H. Vanscoyoc, Z. Amidon, J. Watkins, D. Gorsky, and E.F. Roseman. 2023. From Inlet to Outlet: Nearshore Larval Fish Communities Along Southern Lake Erie. Oral presentation. 
  • Eberly, E., Z. Amidon, J. Chiotti, R.L. Debruyne, L. Eaton, J. Fischer, D. Gorsky, G. Kennedy, C. Mayer, P. Kohn, S. Provo, E.F. Roseman, J. Deller, and J. Markham. 2023. Identifying and Characterizing Coregonine Spawning Habitat in Lake Erie. Poster. 
  • Hudak, N., R.L. DeBruyne, S. Chong, N. McGuan, E. Eberly, H. VanScoyoc, S. Provo, S. Blower, M. Angelosanto, and E.F. Roseman. 2023. St. Marys River Ichthyoplankton Survey Reveals Important Nursery Areas and Insight on Fish Production. Oral presentation. 
  • Ireland, S., S.F. VanDrunen, R.L. DeBruyne, S. Provo, M. Tomczak, E. Andrus, and E.F. Roseman. 2023. Density Estimates and Sampling Efficiency Comparisons Between Different Ichthyoplankton Sampling Nets. Poster. 

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