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October 12, 2023

International symposium works together to understand Coregonids in Europe, Asia, and North America.

GLSC’s Amanda Ackiss, David Bunnell (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Andrey Honsey (Millersberg, Michigan), Alex Gatch (Cortland, New York), Owen Gorman, and Dan Yule (Ashland, Wisconsin) attended the International Coregonid Symposium 2023, held in Evian France, September 23-27.  This Symposium is held every three years and brings together scientists from Europe, Asia, and North America.  Eleven countries were represented this year.  The GLSC plays in important role in advancing understanding of species in the genus Coregonus (common names are whitefishes and ciscoes) which are native to northern latitudes of North America and Eurasia.  The following presentations were given by GLSC scientists.

  • Ackiss et al. Exploring the genetic architecture of the Great Lakes cisco species complex using low-coverage whole genome sequencing.  

  • Bunnell et al. How diverse is the toolbox?  A review of management strategies to conserve or restore coregonines

  • Gatch et al. Nature and nurture: different coregonine restoration approaches in Lake Ontario, United States.  

  • Honsey et al. Effects of artificial rearing on cisco Coregonus artedi morphology.  

  • Gorman et al. Resolving the cisco complex of Lake Superior using morphological and genetic tools.  

  • Yule, Daniel. When good planning meets opportunity: the story of the epic 2022 Coregonid year-class in Lake Superior.  

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