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Drillers use the vertical and horizontal views captured by our downhole video camera to examine borehole integrity before placing water well casing, well screens, and submersible pumps. Hydrologists and geologists use the images to verify geophysical data such as: changes in rock type, small-scale geologic structures, rock fractures, and groundwater movement.

Downhole well video has the following advantages:

  • It’s relatively quick and cost-effective
  • Output can be viewed real-time in the field
  • It does not require plotting and processing
  • Digital files can be transmitted from the field

Downhole well video continues to improve with technological advances in camera electronics. Recently, we upgraded our camera systems to include a dual-view (side- and down-view) water well inspection system. This system includes a digital recording system, upgrades to operator controls, and improved video editing capability. Video recordings are usually output at MPEG-4 files.

Our cameras:

  • Aries™ WC1750 Dual-View Camera

  • Laval ™ R-2000 Dual-View Camera

  • Laval ™ Slim Line Color Camera


This short clip is a great example of how we use our dual-view video camera to identify fractures in the aquifer. See more video from SIR 2010-5101.