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Powell Center funded six proposals in FY14, four in FY15 and FY16, five in FY17, three in FY18, six in FY19, four in FY20, six in FY21, FY22, FY23, and two in FY24.

Proposal Overview

The Powell Center seeks projects that address development and testing of important Earth system science ideas and theories using existing data, cutting-edge analysis of Earth system information, and use of sound science in policy and management decisions. Proposals are evaluated for scientific merit, novel approaches, and rationale for conducting investigative activities at the Powell Center. The Powell Center Science Advisory Board (SAB) reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Directors who make the final decisions about which proposals to support. SAB members may not be subject matter experts; write proposals that are understandable and compelling to non-specialists.

A context statement and reviews are returned to principal investigators. Reviews do not reflect SAB meeting discussions, which focus less on specific content than the nature, scope, and innovation of the proposed project.

Proposals that are clearly inappropriate for the Powell Center (e.g., those requesting overhead, funds to be spent at the investigator's home institution, new data collection, exploratory workshops, etc.) will be returned without review.

Who Should Apply

We welcome scientists at any stage of their career, from all disciplines, and from academic or government organizations anywhere in the world.  There can be up to four Principal Investigators.  At least one of the Principal Investigators must be a USGS employee. 

Powell Center does not support:

◦ Collection of new data or field research.

◦ Projects that should be funded by another entity or can be conducted elsewhere.

◦ Proposals requesting overhead or funds to be spent by the investigator at the investigator's home institution.

◦ Supplies, field research travel, or travel to professional society meetings.