OGRL Enzyme Linked-Imunnosorbent Assay Methods of Analysis

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Immunoassays are rapid screening techinques that can be used to provide data on a specific compound or class of compunds on a large number of samples. We have used these methods to conduct large scale reconnaissance studies of atrazine in rainfall and cyanobacterial toxins in the USEPA national lake and reservoir reconnaissance study.

ELISA: Enzyme Linked-Imunnosorbent Assay
  • Sample collection requirements:
    • IMA, IMB: 2-125mL (4 oz) amber glass bottles with teflon lined caps per sample.
    • All other ELISAs should be collected in plastic bottles. Send either 250mL (8oz) or 500mL (16oz) plain poly bottles.
    • For samples being submitted for total analysis (IMNT, IMYT, and IMXT) only fill the bottles half-way to ensure that they do not break when frozen.
  • Instrumentation: Enzyme-Linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
Compound NameReporting LimitParameter CodeMethod CodeCAS #
Atrazine (IMA)0.10 µg/L99775IMM011912249
17 beta-estradiol (IMB)2.50 ng/L89002IMM0450-28-2
Total microcystin/nodularians (IMNT)0.10 μg/L89011IMM06101043-37-2
Dissolved microcystin/nodularians (IMND)0.10 μg/L89012IMM07101043-37-2
Total saxitoxin (IMXT)0.02 μg/L89003IMM0835523-89-8
Dissolved saxitoxin (IMXD)0.02 μg/L89004IMM0935523-89-8
Total cylindrospermopsin (IMTY)0.05 μg/L89005IMM10143545-90-8
Dissolved cylindrospermopsin (IMYD)0.05 μg/L89006IMM11143545-90-8