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Julie E Dietze

Welcome to Julie Dietze's profile.

Julie Dietze is the laboratory manager for the Organic Geochemistry Research Laboratory (OGRL) located
in the Kansas Water Science Center in Lawrence, Kansas. Julie has worked in the OGRL for more than 20 years. Julie currently runs the Laboratory Management Unit within the OGRL and is the front line of communication for establishing lab work agreements, dissemination of data results, customer inquiries, custom QC requests, records management, and laboratory logistics. Julie also designs and manages the OGRL budget with an average annual gross income of 2.5 million dollars.

Current USGS group member activities:

  • USGS OAG Acquisition and Grants Customer Advisory Group (AGCAG)
  • Environmental Health Mission Area Core Technology Team (CTT): OGRL
  • KS WSC Safety Group


Journal Articles

Richards, B.K., Pacenka, S., Meyer, M.T., Dietze, J.E., Schatz, A.L., Teuffer, K., Aristilde, Steenhuis, T.S., 2018, Antecedent and Post-Application Rain Events Trigger Glyphosate Transport from Runoff-Prone Soils, ES&T Letters, 5, 249-254. DOI:10.1021/acs.estlett.8b00085.

Yost, E.E., Meyer, M.T., Dietze, J.E., Williams, M.C., Worley-Davis, L., Lee, B., Kullman, S.W., 2014, Transport of Steroid Hormones, Phytoestrogens, and Estrogenic Activity across a Swine Lagoon/Sprayfield System, Environmental Science & Technology, 2014, 48, 11600-11609.

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