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Through the National Minerals Information Center (NMIC), the USGS canvasses companies involved in the nonfuel mining and mineral processing industries and obtains data from foreign governments and other sources. The data received form the basis of periodical publications (monthly, quarterly, and annual) that provide timely statistical data on production, distribution, stocks, and consumption of significant mineral commodities.


Minerals Yearbook (Annual)

These annual publications review the mineral industries of the United States and of more than 180 other countries. They contain statistical data on minerals and materials and include information on economic and technical trends and developments. The three volumes that make up the Minerals Yearbook are

  • Volume I - Metals and Minerals
    • This volume, covering metals and minerals, contains chapters on approximately 90 commodities. In addition, this volume has chapters on mining and quarrying trends and on statistical surveying methods used by Minerals Information, plus a statistical summary.
  • Volume II - Area Reports: Domestic
    • This volume reviews the U.S. mineral industry by State and Island possessions. It presents salient statistics on production, consumption, and other pertinent data for each State and is prepared in cooperation with State Geological Surveys or related agencies.
  • Volume III - Area Reports: International
    • This volume of the Minerals Yearbook provides an annual review of mineral production and trade and of mineral-related government and industry developments in more than 175 foreign countries. Each report includes sections on government policies and programs, environmental issues, trade and production data, industry structure and ownership, commodity sector developments, infrastructure, and a summary outlook.

Mineral Commodity Summaries—Published on an annual basis, this report is the earliest Government publication to furnish estimates covering nonfuel mineral industry data. Data sheets contain information on the domestic industry structure, Government programs, tariffs, and 5-year salient statistics for more than 90 individual minerals and materials.

Mineral Industry Surveys—These periodic statistical and economic reports are designed to provide timely statistical data on production, distribution, stocks, and consumption of significant mineral commodities. The surveys are issued monthly, quarterly, or at other regular intervals.

Metal Industry Indicators—This monthly publication analyzes and forecasts the economic health of three metal industries (primary metals, steel, and copper) using leading and coincident indexes.

Nonmetallic Mineral Products Industry Indexes—This monthly publication analyzes the leading and coincident indexes for the nonmetallic mineral products industry (NAICS 327).

Materials Flow Studies—These publications describe the flow of materials from source to ultimate disposition to help better understand the economy, manage the use of natural resources, and protect the environment.

Recycling Reports—These materials flow studies illustrate the recycling of metal commodities and identify recycling trends.

Historical Statistics for Mineral and Material Commodities in the United States (Data Series 140)—This report provides a compilation of statistics on production, trade, and use of approximately 90 mineral commodities since as far back as 1900.