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Zeolites are hydrated aluminosilicates of the alkaline and alkaline-earth metals.  About 40 natural zeolites have been identified during the past 200 years; the most common are analcime, chabazite, clinoptilolite, erionite, ferrierite, heulandite, laumontite, mordenite, and phillipsite.   More than 150 zeolites have been synthesized; the most common are zeolites A, X, Y, and ZMS-5. ; Natural and synthetic zeolites are used commercially because of their unique adsorption, ion-exchange, molecular sieve, and catalytic properties.   Major markets for natural zeolites are pet litter, animal feed, horticultural applications (soil conditioners and growth media), and wastewater treatment.  Major use categories for synthetic zeolites are catalysts, detergents, molecular sieves.

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