New York Flood Information

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For emergency situations, please contact Chris Gazoorian, Surface Water Specialist at the USGS New York Water Science Center or call our general number (518) 285-5600 and follow the directions to leave voicemail which will be immediately forwarded to a responsible party and responded to as quickly as possible.

Flooding can be a serious problem in many parts of New York State. Information on floods and analyses of flood data are needed to aid in the design of bridges, culverts, dams, highways, and buildings, and for the prudent management of flood-prone areas. Documentation of floods and a more thorough understanding of flood hydrology and hydraulics will result in more effective management of flood plains and design of structures.

The New York Water Science Center (NYWSC) provides information on the magnitude and frequency of floods to agencies and individuals involved in flood-protection, planning, and design. The NYWSC also develops regional flood-frequency relations for streams in New York to allow flood-frequency determinations at locations without stream gages and conducts local site studies using hydrologic and hydraulic analyses.


map of U.S. with green triangle markers

Flood Inundation Map  USGS Flood Inundation Maps, along with Internet information regarding current stage from the USGS streamgage, provide emergency management personnel and residents with information that is critical for flood-response activities, such as evacuations and road closures, as well as for post-flood recovery efforts. (Public domain.)

map of New York with orange dots for recorded peak stage and discharge

New York Peak Flows  This interactive map identifies locations (depicted as orange dots) in New York State where the New York Water Science Center has records of maximum recorded stages and discharges. Many of the locations have flood frequency statistics computed.  (Public domain.)

colored dots on map of Long Island, NY

Southeastern New York Coastal Monitoring Sites ​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​​​​​​​USGS real-time monitoring data for estuary and coastal-ocean sites in the southeastern New York region (Public domain.)