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As part of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) program for disseminating water data within USGS, to USGS cooperators, and to the general public, the USGS maintains a distributed network of computers and fileservers for the acquisition, processing, review, and long-term storage of water data. This water data is collected at over 1.5 million sites around the country and at some border and territorial sites. This distributed network of computers is called the National Water Information System (NWIS).

Many types of data are stored in NWIS, including comprehensive information for site characteristics, well-construction details, time-series data for gage height, streamflow, groundwater level, precipitation, and physical and chemical properties of water. Additionally, peak flows, chemical analyses for discrete samples of water, sediment, and biological media are accessible within NWIS.

The USGS shares these data within NWIS with the public through the USGS Water Data for the Nation Site. On this web site, data are displayed as graphs, in tables, or on maps. Data files can also be downloaded. Water Data for New York is a subset of Water Data for the Nation emphasizing New York’s water-resources data. One can search sites with data or, by category, to investigate current conditions, view site information, or use an interactive map which has symbolized site locations by station type, surface water, groundwater, springs, atmospheric or other site type.

The most popular data queried on the Water Data for New York website include:

Current streamflow conditions — Real-time data.
Water levels in wells — Some water levels are available in real-time.
Water quality of streams and groundwater — Some real-time data are available.


Table of Contents

State of the Aquifer, Long Island, New York - Introduction

Location and Physical Setting


  1. Hydrolgeologic Units
  2. Fresh and Saltwater Relations/Interactions

State of the Aquifer System

  1. Precipitation
  2. NWIS - the USGS Data Archive 
  3. Surface Water - Streamflow
  4. Groundwater Levels
  5. Water Table and Surface Maps
  6. Water Use
  7. Groundwater Budget
  8. Inflow to the Groundwater System
  9. Outflow from the Groundwater System
  1. Case Studies

Interactive Content