Coastal Science in Texas

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Coastal science at the USGS Texas Water Science Center (TXWSC) includes groundwater, surface water, and water-quality studies. Surface water includes coastal waters, estuaries, and major inflows to the coast. Visit the links below for more information on our data and science.


TXWSC has expertise in a wide variety of coastal science applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Groundwater and Surface Water
    • Characterizing Freshwater/Saline-Water Relations
    • Characterizing Groundwater/Surface-Water Relations
  • Suspended Sediments 
    • Quantifying Loads and Yields of Sediment, Nutrients, and Contaminants
    • Understanding Relations Between Streamflow and Sediment and Contaminant Transport
    • Evaluating the variability of nutrient and sediment concentrations and loads entering bays and estuaries
  • Water Quality
    • Collecting Physical and Chemical Water Properties 


Coastal Inflow Sediment and Nutrient Monitoring

Nutrient and Sediment Variability in the Lower San Jacinto River

Water Quality Monitoring at Offshore Artificial Reefs


Inter-Agency Collaboration

RESTORE Act Activities in Texas


Texas coast near Houston

Texas coast near Houston. (Public domain.)