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Date published: April 23, 2018

Wellfootprint - A Map App for Visualizing Groundwater Withdrawals

Wellfootprint computes a raster map of groundwater withdrawals relative to a user-defined "Depth-Rate Index" (DRI), such as a recharge rate. Dividing each well's withdrawal rate by the length per time DRI yields an area for display for each well's 'footprint' as a circle around each well. Symbols for closely spaced wells are merged to visualize the combined withdrawals equitably. 

Date published: June 21, 2016

The Delaware River Basin Streamflow Estimator Tool (DRB-SET)

The Delaware River Basin Streamflow Estimator Tool (DRB-SET) estimates baseline and altered streamflow at a daily time step for ungaged stream locations in the Delaware River Basin for water years 1960-2010.

Date published: September 26, 2012

The Pennsylvania Baseline Streamflow Estimator (BaSE)

Estimation of Baseline Daily Mean Streamflows for Ungaged Locations on Pennsylvania Streams, Water Years 1960–2008