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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technican Lowell Abbadini 412-569-1014
Hydrologic Technician Patrick Anzman 610-518-7212
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Brian Banks
Chief, New Cumberland Surface Water / Groundwater Networks Mark R Beaver 717-730-6955
Administrative Operations Assistant Kanitha S Blaker 610-518-7211
Chemist Sara Breitmeyer
Secretary Julie A Bricker 717-730-6946
Hydrologic Technician Harold Cameron
Hydrologic Technician Richard T Campbell 570-327-3173
Hydrologist Jared Carte
Administrative Officer Colleen M Ceric 717-730-6922
Deputy Director & Chief for Hydrologic Studies Jeffrey Chaplin 717-730-6957
Center Director Melinda J Chapman 717-730-6912
Research Hydrologist John Clune, PhD 717-317-7226
Team Lead Groundwater/Ecology Field Innovation Jeffrey C Cole 570-327-3188
Hydrologist James Colgin 717-730-6909
Hydrologist Matthew Conlon 717-730-6940
Physical Scientist Victor S Cortes, II 717-730-1708
Hydrologic Technician Chad Coverstone 717-730-6956
Hydrologic Technician Hannah Davis
Chief, Bridgeville Hydrologic Studies Daniel Deeds
Hydrologist Shaun Donmoyer
Hydrologist Hilary Dozier
Water Quality Specialist - Microbiologist Joe Duris 717-730-6930
Hydrologic Technician Heather Eggleston 717-730-6977
Hydrologic Technician Lee Eicholtz
Hydrologic Field Assistant Jeremy Eland
Hydrologic Technician / Construction & Deployment Specialist Cameron Ensor 717-730-6948
Administrative Operations Assistant Elizabeth (Liz) Ensor 717-730-6920
Hydrologic Technician Jason Ferree 717-730-6944
Hydrologic Technician Kaci N Fitzgibbon
Groundwater Specialist Brandon Fleming 717-730-6970
Hydrologic Technician David R Galeone 610-518-7214
Hydrologist Daniel G Galeone, MS 717-730-6952
Emeritus Hydrologist Daniel J Goode 717-571-8783
Physical Scientist Nickolas J Grim 717-730-6976
Physical Scientist Matthew C Gyves 610-518-7215
Hydrologic Technician Aidan Hinchey
Hydrologic Technician Eric T Hirschfeld 412-569-1008
Williamsport Office Chief Clinton Hittle 570-327-3183
Hydrologist Elizabeth Ann Hittle 570-327-3181
Hydrologic Technician Zachary Houston
Hydrologic Technician Thomas Hunt 717-730-6980
Hydrologic Technician Mark E Jones 570-327-3172
Hydrologic Technician Peter N Kester
Hydrologist Courtney Killian
Hydrologist Kenneth J Lambert
Administrative Operations Assistant Amanda Lindsey
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin S Lower 570-327-3177
Hydrologic Technician Ian B Lynch 412-477-8312
Hydrologic Technician Joshua Master
Pittsburgh Office Chief Jamie L McCoy 412-569-1001
Hydrologic Technician Joseph M McNerney 570-327-3176
Hydrologic Technician Aaron Menick
Hydrologic Technician Joel Noble
Hydrologic Technician Spencer Noble
Hydrologic Technician Leif E Olson 610-518-7217
Downingtown Office Chief Andrew G Reif 610-518-7218
Hydrologic Technician Joseph Riggle 570-327-3178
Hydrologic Technician Vincent Roccanova
Hydrologist / Flood Response Unit Lead Mark A Roland 717-730-6958
Hydrologist Marissa Rossi
Chief, Hydrologic Networks Data Programs A. Thomas Ruby 717-730-6921
Hydrologic Technician Allan Ruddy 412-569-1015
Administrative Operations Assistant Kimberly M Sabins 570-327-3179
Hydrologic Technician Lindsey Sabo
Hydrologist Nicholas Santoro
Hydrologic Field Assistant Emery Saylor
Hydrologist Natalie Schmer 412-569-1010
Hydrologist Kurt Schmidt
Hydrologic Field Assistant Lauren Scholl
Information Technology Specialist Justin Schrauger
Hydrologist Lisa A Senior 610-518-7219
Hydrologic Field Assistant Jack Shuchart
Administrative Operations Assistant Emma Siler
Hydrologic Technician Scott P Sorber 570-327-3180
Hydrologic Technician Connor Souchek
Hydrologic Technician Anthony Spehar 412-569-1012
Hydrologic Technician Aaron E Stephens 570-327-3174
Surface Water Specialist Marla Stuckey 717-730-6950
Hydrologic Technician Andrew Sullivan
Hydrologic Technician Timothy Thompson
Hydrologic Field Assistant Jacob Wacker
Hydrologic Technician Trent Watts
Hydrologist Mitchell R Weaver 717-730-6960
IT Specialist Gregory M Wehner, Sr. 412-569-1003
Hydrologic Technician Suzanne J Wenerick 717-730-6962
Hydrologic Technician Eli Whitehead-Zimmers
Budget Analyst Melissa Wilson 717-730-6947
Research Physical Scientist Emily E Woodward 412-569-1004
Hydrologic Technician Laurie L Young 412-569-1004
Information Specialist / Computer Assistant Linda Zarr 717-730-6979
Chief, New Cumberland Hydrologic Studies Tammy Zimmerman 717-730-6974