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Thursday, February 13th, 2:00 PM

Dr. Tawny M. Mata and Dr. John Largier

UC Davis Coastal & Marine Sciences Institute

View from the sky of a coastal area with beaches, rocky shorelines, and a building complex on a peninsula.

UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute: Catalyzing innovation and partnerships in research, education and engagement

Abstract: Established in 2013, the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute at UC Davis brings together the university’s vast intellectual resources in coastal and marine sciences and policy: 100+ faculty and staff and 150+ graduate students and postdocs across six major academic units, ranging from the College of Biological Sciences to the School of Law. The Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) anchors CMSI and allows our reach to extend from the capitol to the coast. Our goals are to 1) transform scientific understanding of coastal and marine systems; 2) educate and inspire future leaders and 3) engage stakeholders, colleagues and policymakers. We have already developed several novel partnerships that help us achieve our goals and are interested in how we can work more closely with USGS.