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The VibeCore DW is a small, portable, 24v DC vibracorer

Two men stand on the deck of a boat with a long skinny coring device suspended from a cabling system on an A-frame.

Preparing the VibeCore DW.


The VibeCore DW is a small, portable, 24v DC vibracorer. With a 75lb head and the ability to run on a pair of car batteries, the VibeCore can take 3” core samples in unsleeved aluminum or polycarbonate tubing, up to 6m (20'). The VibeCore is a viable alternative for small vessels or remote fieldwork where a larger corer is not feasible.


  • Manufacturer – Specialty Devices, Inc (SDI)
  • Model – VibeCore DW
  • Weight – Head – 75lbs (31kgs)
  • Dimensions:
    • Head – 24"x30”x16”
    • Cable – 120m
    • Core Pipe – 3” OD, .100” wall, aluminum irrigation tube
  • Power Requirements – 22-28v DC
  • SWLs – 500 lbs (226kgs)

Operational Characteristics

  • Minimum Operational Depth – 0m
  • Maximum Operational Depth – 100m water depth (limited by cable length to ~90m)
  • Sediment Type – unconsolidated, waterlogged sediments
  • Limitations – Relatively lightweight head limits the amount of drive once shaking has lost effectiveness
  • Power Outputs / Freq. Ranges – N/A
  • Vessel Requirements
    • All overboarding gear rated to a SWL of 500 lbs (226kgs)
    • A-Frame / Davit with 8’ minimum clearance over deck
    • 10’ x 6’ clear deck space
    • Deck winch with line pull of at least 500 lbs and drum capacity of at least 1.2x max water depth
    • Ability to anchor or hold station for the duration of the operation

 Additional Equipment required

  • Core pipe, caps, cutter noses, core catchers

Complementary Systems

Gomex or ponar grab (for undisturbed surface samples)