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Monitoring Data at Willow Grove and Warminster

Streamflow and stage monitoring data near former Navy Bases at Willow Grove and Warminster, Pennsylvania

Streamflow Monitoring

USGS provides streamflow information in the study area that can be used in conjunction with water quality data to evaluate the mass of contaminants transported by streams and the relations between concentrations and flow conditions. Other applications may include evaluating groundwater/surface water interactions and transient effects of point discharges from wastewater treatment plants.

Continuous Flow Gages
Station Name
USGS Station
Navy Sample
North Branch Neshaminy Creek at Chalfont, PA 01464720  
Neshaminy Creek near Rushland, PA 01464750 Neshaminy REF 1
Park Creek (SW-19) at Countyline Road
 at Warminster, PA
01464899 SW-19
Little Neshaminy Creek at Valley Road
 near Neshaminy, PA
01464907 SW-36
Little Neshaminy Creek at Walton Road
 near Jacksonville, PA
01464984 SW-65
Neshaminy Creek at Penns Park, PA 01465200 Neshaminy REF 4
Neshaminy Creek near Langhorne, PA 01465500  
Pennypack Creek at Pine Road, Philadelphia, PA 01467042  
Wissahickon Creek at Fort Washington, PA 01473900  


Discrete Measurements
Station Name
USGS Station
Navy Sample ​​​​​​
L Neshaminy Cr bl Bradford Res Dam
 nr Warminster, PA
01464798 Little Neshaminy REF (SW-29)
Little Neshaminy Creek at Neshaminy, PA 01464800 SW-30
Unnamed Trib to Park Creek
at Prospectville, PA
01464880 PARK CREEK REF 2
Park Cr bl Limekiln Pike at Prospectville, PA 01464881 Park Creek REF1
Park Creek at Deep Meadow Park
nr Warminster, PA
01464883 SW-08A
Park Creek near Warminster, PA 01464885 SW-10
UT to Park Cr (SW-3) at Dawes Rd
 nr Horsham, PA
01464887 SW-03
UT to Park Cr (SW-64) at Horsham Rd
 nr Horsham, PA
01464888 SW-64
UT Park Cr at Keith Valley Rd
 nr Warminster, PA
014648889 SW-05A
Unnamed Trib to Park Creek
 near Warminster, PA
01464890 SW-05
Park Cr (SW-63) at Willow Grove NAS, PA 01464894 SW-63
Park Cr (SW-16) bl Keith Vly Rd
 at Warminster, PA
014648955 SW-16
Park Cr US from UT (SW-17)
 at Neshaminy, PA
014648957 SW-17
Park Creek ab Horsham Wastewater
 nr Warminster, PA
(rating*: graph/table)
01464895 SW-14
UT to Park Cr (SW-26) bl
 Willow Grove NAS, PA
01464897 SW-26
UT to Park Creek at Graeme Park
 nr Warminster,PA
01464898 SW-27
UT at mouth (SW-28) bl
 Willow Grove NAS, PA
(rating*: graph/table)
014648985 SW-28
Park Cr (SW-19) at Countyline Rd
 at Warminster, PA
01464899 SW-19
Park Creek near Warrington, PA 01464900 SW-20
L Neshaminy Cr(SW-31A) abv Rt 611
at Neshaminy, PA
014649003 SW-31A
L Neshaminy Cr (SW-32) at Rt 611
 at Neshaminy, PA
014649011 SW-32
 L Neshaminy C bl Dam (SW-73)
 at Neshaminy, PA
014649013 SW-73
L Neshaminy Cr(SW-33), Paul Vly Rd
 nr Neshaminy,PA
014649015 SW-33
UT to Little Neshaminy Creek
 at Warminster, PA
01464902 SW-41
UT ab conf w L Neshaminy C(SW-42)
 at Warminster,PA
01464903 SW-42
L Neshaminy Creek at Neshaminy, PA 01464905 SW-34A
Little Neshaminy Creek trib
 at Warminster, PA
Little Neshaminy Creek at Bristol Rd
 at Hartsville, PA
01464915 SW-36A 
Little Neshaminy Creek at Hartsville, PA 01464920  
UT Little Neshaminy Creek at Rt 263
 at Hartsville, PA
UT to Little Neshaminy Creek at
 Creek Rd at Hartsville, PA
Little Neshaminy Creek (SW-N05),
 Warwick Twp near Hartsville, PA
01464925 WAR-SW-N05
Little Neshaminy Creek (NAWC
 SW-66) near Traymore, PA
01464926 WAR-SW-66
UT L Neshaminy C ab Ivyland Dr
nr Ivyland, PA
0146492644 WAR-SW-29
UT L Neshaminy C bl Ivyland Dr
nr Ivyland, PA
0146292646 WAR-SW-44
UT L Neshaminy C bl Jacksonville Rd
at Ivyland, PA
0146492677 WAR-SW-46
UT to Little Neshaminy Creek bl
 Bristol Rd near Ivyland, PA
014649268 WAR-SW-68
UT to Little Neshaminy Creek,
 Camars Drive near Traymore, PA
01464929 WAR-SW-53
Unnamed Trib to L Neshaminy Creek
 at Traymore, PA
01464930 SW-67 (WAR-SW-59)
Little Neshaminy Creek DS from UT
 (SW-N07) at Traymore, PA
01464935 WAR-SW-N07
Little Neshaminy Cr Trib
 at Jacksonville, PA
01464940 WAR-SW-N06
UT to Little Neshaminy Creek
 (SW-N10) near Jacksonville, PA
01464987 WAR-SW-N10
Little Neshaminy Creek at Rushland, PA 01464990 SW-71
Mill Creek at Swamp Road (REF-2)
 at Rushland, PA
01465098 Neshaminy REF2 
Newtown Cr bl Barclay St at Newtown, PA 01465304 Neshaminy REF3
Mill Crk ab Churchville Rd
near Churchville, PA
01465454 WAR-SW-25A
IronWorks Crk at Willow Rd
near Richboro, PA
014654598 WAR-SW-22A
Iron Works Creek at Richboro, PA
(rating*: graph/table)
01465460 SW-27
Pennypack C (SW-48) at Sawyers Way
 at Horsham, PA
014670302 SW-48
UT Pennypack C at Horsham Rd
 at Horsham, PA
014670305 SW-45
UT to Pennypack C (SW-46)
 at LogPond Dr at Horsham
014670307 SW-46
Pennypack Cr (SW-47) at Sawmill Ln
 nr Horsham, PA
014670308 SW-47
Pennypack Creek at Horsham, PA
(rating*: graph/table)
01467031 SW-56
Southampton C at Parmentier Rd
nr Johnsville, PA
014670313 WAR-SW-16
Southampton Crk ab Toll Dr
Davisville, PA
014670333 WAR-SW-28A
Southampton Creek near Bryn Athyn, PA 014670339  
WBr UT Pennypack C ds Park Ave
nr Bonair, PA
0146703398 WAR-SW-70
EB UT (SW-69) to Pennypack C
 at Hatboro, PA
014670349 SW-69
Middle Br Pennypack Cr Trib
 at Warminster, PA
01467035 Pennypack REF2
WB UT (SW-70) to Pennypack C
 at Hatboro, PA
014670357 SW-70
Pennypack Crk trib at Hatboro, PA 01467036  
Unnamed Trib to Pennypack Cr
 at Willow Grove, PA
01467037 Pennypack REF 1
Outfall 6A 401203075090901 SW-01
Outfall 7 401224075093301 SW-52

*Provisional flow rating curve available to estimate flow from stage

Road map of Willow Grove and Warminster Pennsylvania showing drop symbols for stream monitoring locations


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