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Date published: February 1, 2017
Status: Active

StreamStats for Georgia, North and South Carolina

StreamStats is a map based Web application that provides information that can be used by engineers, managers, and planners to make informed decisions on water-related activities. Primary products are basin delineations, basin-characteristic measurements, and estimates of streamflow statistics. StreamStats allows for the analysis of upstream and downstream relations along streams.

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Date published: August 30, 2016
Status: Active

Groundwater Monitoring - Albany-Dougherty County Area, Georgia

Groundwater Monitoring Program for the Albany-Dougherty County Area, Georgia 
South Atlantic Water Science Center

Long-term heavy pumping from the Claiborne, Clayton, and Upper Cretaceous aquifers, which underlie the Upper Floridan aquifer, has resulted in significant water-level declines in these deep aquifers in the Albany, Georgia area.

These declines...