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Marfa Public Radio's Nature Notes conducted three interviews with SBSC’s Dave Dean about the Rio Grande in Big Bend. These are published online as podcasts and articles.

Click on the highlighted text below to access the podcasts and articles.

"From Mighty to Muted: the Secret History of the Big Bend Rio Grande": David Dean discusses his research on the history of changes in sediment deposition, vegetation encroachment, channel narrowing, and flooding of the Rio Grande in Big Bend. Dean recently published a USGS Fact Sheet on this research: “A River of Change—The Rio Grande in the Big Bend Region.

"It's not a river”: The Rio Grande goes dry in Big Bend, revealing a river system in crisis": This interview discusses the 'mega-drought' and climate change's effects on Rio Grande's flows.

"After Dramatic Drying, A Pulse of Life for the Big Bend Rio Grande": This interview discusses how the plentiful rains in 2022 restored flows to the Rio Grande. David Dean discusses the importance of sediment transport during higher flows and the effects of narrowed channels on aquatic habitats.

Repeat photography from about 1945 (top panel) and 2008 (bottom panel) showing channel narrowing over time
Repeat photography from about 1945 (top panel) and 2008 (bottom panel) showing channel narrowing over time in a portion of the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park. Photos courtesy of David Dean, SBSC, USGS.

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