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St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center Employment Opportunities

The Center's research programs have a primary focus of investigating processes related to coastal and marine environments and societal implications related to natural hazards, resource sustainability, and environmental change.


Employment Opportunities

Position Description Application Status Link to Application
Physical Scientist This position is directly responsible for the development of data and tools for forecasting future change in coral reef environments, conducting Holocene reef framework and past sea level assessments, and providing information that advises stakeholders on how best to manage reefs for conservation and restoration of valuable reef resources 6/1/2020-6/5/2020
Physical Scientist This position is responsible for developing improved forecasting tools and physics-based hydrodynamic and sediment transport models that contribute to projects ability to provide information for decision-makers. TBD TBD
Research Oceanographer/Research Physical Scientist Responsibilities of this position are to develop and conduct a wide range of oceanographic and geologic research in the U.S. jurisdictions with shallow-marine resources dominated by carbonate reefs and associated biomes.  Closed (4/20/2020-4/24/2020)
Physical Scientist Responsibility of this position is to support the development, application and analysis of models to assess hydrodynamics (water levels, waves, currents) and related morphologic change (sediment transport, barrier island evolution) Closed (4/27/2020-5/01/2020)
Physical Scientist Responsibilities of this position are to support collection of and geochemical sample analyses on water and sediment samples for the climate research project  and also to provide laboratory research support for the Sedimentology and Radiochemical Lab and to assist Center Laboratory Manager to ensure a safe and effective work environment. Closed (5/4/2020-5/8/2020)
Electronics Technician (Marine Instrumentation) Responsibilities of this position are to support Center Marine Operations in the operation and upkeep of marine geophysical gear, GPS and hydrographic data collection and processing, and other field activities as necessary to support SPCMSC research projects. Closed
(3/9 /2020- 3/13/2020)
Cartographer/Physical Scientist Responsibilities of this position are to support the USGS National Geospatial Program as an Associate Liaison and to support Coastal/Marine Hazard and Resources Program coordination of lidar mapping and data QA/QC efforts. Closed (2/24/2020-2/28/2020)
Research Geologist - Postdoctoral Fellowship Responsibilities include conducting research on the geologic history of coastal and marine (e.g., marsh, estuary, shelf, and/or slope) environments of the Western Atlantic during the Cenozoic. Closed (9/20/2019-11/19/2019)



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