St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center Employment Opportunities

The Center's research programs have a primary focus of investigating processes related to coastal and marine environments and societal implications related to natural hazards, resource sustainability, and environmental change.


Employment Opportunities

Position Description Application Status Link to Application
Electronics Technician (Marine Instrumentation) Purpose of this position is to serve as a marine/hydrographic survey technical specialist, to provide a broad range of operational, engineering, electrical, and technical expertise to support SPCMSC research programs. 08/16/2019 to 
Geologist Responsibilities include assisting project chiefs in estuarine/wetland interactions - tools; chronology, microfossil, lithology, univariate and multivariate data analysis.     Coming Soon TBD
Research Geologist - Postdoctoral Fellowship Responsibilities include conducting research on the geologic history of coastal and marine (e.g., marsh, estuary, shelf, and/or slope) environments of the Western Atlantic during the Cenozoic. Coming Soon TBD
Physical Scientist Responsibility of this position is to provide support in the development, application, upkeep, and maintenance of a storm-vulnerability assessment and forecasting system. Coming Soon TBD
Research Oceanographer (2 positions) Responsibilities include conducting research and provide leadership in coastal modeling, forecasting, and coastal-change assessments to address hazards and marine resource priorities. Closed (July 15 - July 29, 2019)
Information Specialist
Responsibilities include assisting project chiefs to improve communication, meeting with stakeholders to convey knowledge of USGS activities, hosting public events at the science center, and participating in development of communication plans. Closed (June 17 - June 24, 2019)



Christopher D Reich

Deputy Center Director
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