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The St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Center Leadership is listed below. All employees are listed in the Employee Directory.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Researcher VI Karim Alizad, Ph.D. -- --
Research Geographer John Barras 225-342-3949
Researcher II Lucy Bartlett 727-502-8026
IT Specialist Teresa Bellino 727-502-8087
Geologist Julie Bernier 727-502-8133
Physical Scientist Justin Birchler 727-502-8019
Researcher I Stephen Bosse -- --
Technical Information Specialist Betsy Boynton 727-502-8118
Research Oceanographer Mark Buckley, Ph.D. 727-502-8024
Geologist Noreen Buster 727-502-8114
IT Specialist Jerry Butcher 727-502-8049
IT Specialist Joseph Carroll 727-502-8080
Research Geologist (Mendenhall) Daniel Ciarletta, Ph.D. 727-502-8068
Administrative Operations Assistant Robin Davis 727-502-8061
Geologist Nancy DeWitt 727-502-8058
Physical Scientist Kara Doran 727-502-8117
Geologist Alisha Ellis 727-502-8056
Information Specialist Meaghan Emory 727-502-8127
Physical Scientist Cheyenne Everhart 727-502-8108
Electronics Technician (Marine Instrumentation) Andrew Farmer 727-502-8051
Research Geologist James Flocks, Ph.D. 727-502-8012
Geologist Arnell Forde 727-502-8111
Researcher VII Donya P Frank-Gilchrist, Ph.D. 727-502-8052
Environmental and Public Health Microbiologist Dale Griffin, Ph.D. 850-274-3566
GIS Specialist I Matthew Hardy -- --
Computer Assistant Susan Helmer 727-502-8077
Researcher III Jessica Jacobs -- --
Researcher III Robert Jenkins -- --
Student Contractor Selena Johnson -- --
Materials Handler Dwain Johnson 727-502-8093
Business Support Specialist IV Celine Kapi’olani -- --
Research Microbiologist Christina Kellogg, Ph.D. 727-502-8128
Marine Operations and Facilities Chief, Geologist Kyle Kelso 727-502-8112
Cartographer Christine Kranenburg 727-502-8129
Research Marine Biologist Ilsa B Kuffner, Ph.D. 727-502-8048
Researcher I Sarah Kwon -- --
Field and Lab Technician Mitchell Lemon -- --
Research Microbiologist John T. Lisle, Ph.D. 727-502-8140
Geologist Marci Marot 727-502-8057
IT Specialist (Data Management/Internet) Bryan McCloskey, Ph.D. -- --
Quality Management System Manager, Natural Hazards Mission Area Molly McLaughlin 727-502-8109
Research Geologist Madelyn J. Mette, Ph.D. 727-502-8130
Oceanographer Rangley Mickey 727-502-8115
Research Geologist Jennifer L Miselis, Ph.D. 727-502-8088
Oceanographer Trainee Christopher Moore 727-502-8106
Administrative Officer Lisa Morrow 727-502-8142
Student Contractor Kelly Murphy -- --
Research Oceanographer Margaret Palmsten, Ph.D. 727-502-8018
GIS Specialist I Joshua Pardun -- --
Research Oceanographer Davina L. Passeri, PhD 727-502-8014
Administrative Specialist Priscilla Plange 727-502-8008
Center Director Nathaniel Plant, Ph.D. 727-502-8072
Deputy Center Director Christopher D Reich 727-502-8032
Geologist Caitlin Reynolds 727-502-8046
Engineering Technician B.J. Reynolds 727-502-8067
Research Geologist Julie Richey, Ph.D. 727-502-8123
Geographer (Data Management Specialist) Heather A Schreppel 727-502-8013
Physical Scientist Alexander Seymour 727-502-8122
Researcher III Sarah Shedler -- --
Southeast Region Safety Manager Nathan A Smiley, CSP 727-502-8071
Research Geologist Christopher G. Smith, Ph.D. 727-502-8035
Research Ecologist Kathryn E L Smith, Ph.D. 727-502-8073
Scientist I Richard Snell -- --
Researcher I Chelsea Stalk 727-502-8096
Oceanographer Anastasios Stathakopoulos 727-502-8136
Science Advisor for Coastal Change Hazards Hilary Stockdon, Ph.D. 727-483-2870
Researcher III Joseph F. Terrano -- --
Physical Scientist David Thompson 727-502-8079
Physical Science Technician Lance Thornton 727-502-8113
Research Oceanographer Legna M Torres-Garcia, Ph.D. 727-502-8105
Research Oceanographer Lauren Toth, Ph.D. 727-502-8029
Student Contractor Joseph Vargas -- --
Student Contractor Julie Voelschow -- --
Research Geologist / Postdoctoral Fellow Emily Wei, Ph.D. 727-502-8042
Geophysicist Robert Wertz 727-502-8045
Researcher I Breanna Williams -- --
Research Oceanographer Kimberly Yates, Ph.D. 727-502-8059
Research Oceanographer David Zawada, Ph.D. 727-502-8132
Research Geographer Sara L Zeigler, Ph.D 508-457-2290