Isoxaflutole Monitoring

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This project is investigating the potential persistence of isoxaflutole, a pesticide, and its metabolites in groundwater and surface water near agricultural fields in Michigan.

A registrant has applied to have a new pesticide, isoxaflutole (IXF), approved for use on corn in Michigan. Because Michigan has different soil and climate conditions compared to other areas where this pesticide has been used, there is little information about possible persistence and buildup of this pesticide and/or its metabolites in groundwater and surface water where it is applied. Michigan has irrigated fields in areas of sandy soils where IXF may move to groundwater.  In areas of clay soils, IXF may run off to adjacent surface-water bodies. The wide array of irrigated crops grown in Michigan, prompt concerns that persistence and buildup of IXF in groundwater and/or surface water could negatively affect other irrigated crops in the areas where IXF will be applied. The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has requested that USGS develop a long-term 5-year monitoring program to investigate IXF concentrations before and after application in upgradient and downgradient areas at two application sites.


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