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 Do you want to know how peak streamflow is changing in the Upper Midwest, specifically Wisconsin? Read the scientific investigations report by Physical Scientist Sara Levin.

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Sara Levin

A new USGS series publication on peak streamflow trends was recently published.

The Wisconsin chapter, Peak Streamflow Trends in Wisconsin and Their Relation to Changes in Climate, Water Years 1921–2020, was led by Sara Levin from our Minnesota office.

This study characterizes hydroclimatic variability and change in peak streamflow and daily streamflow in Wisconsin from water years 1921 through 2020. Upward trends in peak streamflow and daily streamflow were detected across the State, from around 1990 to 2020 and were likely predominantly driven by concurrent increases in precipitation and temperatures during this time. Earlier decreases in peak streamflow between the 1920s to the 1980s in the southern parts of the State were likely affected by nonclimate-related factors such as urbanization, water use, and land-use changes associated with agriculture.

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