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Centennial Streamgages in Washington State

In 1887 the USGS began monitoring streamflow in the Yakima River at Kiona. The streamgage is still in operation, providing real-time data to inform decision-making and serve the public. The Kiona gage is one of several centennial streamgages in the state, locations where USGS recorded data for at least 100 years.

Streamgages enable hydrologists to record stream water levels and streamflow without needing to constantly make direct measurements. The Nation’s water needs have evolved over the past 100+ years and so has much of the technology used to measure water. USGS streamgage monitoring data continues to benefit communities by providing information about flooding, drought, safety, and engineering design.

Long-term records of streamflow are especially prized.  Longer records contain information that allows scientists to conduct statistical analyses and examine trends through time. Additionally, streamgages record how often a river has flooded in the past and thus provide information about how frequently flooding might occur in the future. Centennial streamgages are designated as locations where the USGS has monitored rivers and streams for 100 years or more.

Centennial Streamgages in Washington State

12039500 - Quinault River at Quinault Lake, WA (1911)

12045500 - Elwha River at Mcdonald BR Near Port Angeles, WA (1897)

12101500 - Puyallup River at Puyallup, WA (1914)

12116500 - Cedar River at Cedar Falls, WA (1903)

12117500 - Cedar River Near Landsburg, WA (1895)

12178000 - Skagit River at Newhalem, WA (1908)

12186000 - Sauk River above White Chuck River Near Darrington, WA (1910)

12409000 - Colville River at Kettle Falls, WA (1922)

12422500 - Spokane River at Spokane, WA (1891)

12451000 - Stehekin River at Stehekin, WA (1910)

12452500 - Chelan River at Chelan, WA (1903)

12457000 - Wenatchee River at Plain, WA (1904)

12472800 - Columbia River below Priest Rapids Dam, WA (1917)

12484500 - Yakima River at Umtanum, WA (1908)

12510500 - Yakima River at Kiona, WA (1887)

14123500 - White Salmon River Near Underwood, WA (1912)

14220500 - Lewis River at Ariel, WA (1909)

14226500 - Cowlitz River at Packwood, WA (1911)

Total: 18 centennial gages in Washington 

Updated: December 2023

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