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December 1, 2022

This summer, a special issue of the journal, Animals was dedicated to Dr. Winton.

Dr. James R. Winton, Scientist Emeritus
Dr. James “Jim” Winton, Scientist Emeritus

Dr. James “Jim” Winton, now a Scientist Emeritus at WFRC, has committed his career to aquatic fish health. Throughout his distinguished career, Winton made many scientific discoveries, mentored young scientists, formed long-term partnerships, and played a major role in shaping the WFRC’s Fish Health Section, which is recognized as an international leader in the field of aquatic pathogens and disease.

Dr. Winton has played a significant role in addressing high-profile fish health threats in the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, and areas in Europe and Asia. Winton began his tenure at the Center in 1986, becoming the section lead in 1996, and retired in 2017. As a Scientist Emeritus, Dr. Winton continues his service with the USGS and his contribution to fisheries science. His expertise and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

This summer, a special issue of the journal, Animals was dedicated to Dr. Winton. The special issue title "Emerging and Re-emerging Fish and Shellfish Viruses” includes contributions that further our understanding of fish and shellfish viruses’ pathogenicity, immunology, epidemiology, improved diagnostics, newly developed vaccines, taxonomy, and host susceptibility.

The special issue contains several articles from Dr. Winton’s fish health colleagues. They demonstrate the variety and depth of fish health topics scientists are exploring to learn more about disease and health concerns in aquatic environments.

To learn more about Dr. Winton and the special issue and articles, visit:

Animals | Special Issue: Emerging and Re-emerging Fish and Shellfish Viruses - Special Issue Dedicated to Dr. James R. Winton ( 

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